From Ocean to Virtual Reality

« Our mission is to revolution Ocean Exploration and Virtual Reality through innovatives bioinspired tools »

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November 2021
Whale Guru is awarded at the VRINN forum in Hamar, Norway. This prototype use egg sensors to pilot a VR movie, challenging your ability to focus and meditate. Now we enter in production phase, and aim to let children and adult use this new tool to learn the basics of mind control, with many applications in health, education, but also just to remind how fragile are our oceans.

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January, 2021
Click Researchs is in Antarctica, joining Saves our Seas to study Orca's acoustic. We already observed a rare predation on Humpback whales, challenging to film in minus 2 degree waters !

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February, 2020
Back from a ten days expedition with and Nat Geo, had the chance to get what could be the first underwater images of Sperm Whales north of the arctic circle. We also did shoot for the pilot of a short movie produced by Stargate Media and supported by the NFI of Norway.

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January, 2020
Monaco Explorations VR is selected to FIPA Doc international's festival

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November, 2019
Back from a one month expedition in Finmark, we had the chance to meet Hvaldimir the ambassador beluga and to get incredible immersive footages of him.

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July, 2019
Monaco Oceanographic Institute presents ClickResearch's new VR movies : Monaco Explorations Malpelo episode I & II. This two short pieces of 10' allow the visitors of the Museum to dive with the undresses of sharks of this Colombian sanctuary. 20 000 spectators have already seen our previous movies "Little Big Whale" and Macaronesia I & II at the Museum.

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July, 2018
Click Research first expedition in Reunion Island is a great success with never done before VR footages of Humback Whales. This year Humback are very friendly, we will be back in September to meet the mother and calves before they leave for Antarctica.

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July, 2018
Monaco Oceanographic Institute presents ClickResearch's new VR movies : Monaco Explorations Macaronesie episode I & II. This two short pieces of 10' allow the visitors of the Museum to dive with the last Monk Seals in Madeira and under the legendary wave of the Salvagens Island. 20 000 spectators have already seen our first movie "Little Big Whale at the Museum.

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June 2018
Click Research presents at the Sunnyside the Nautilus project in partnership with Hub, Odoxo and Mica Films. Nautilus is an exhibition using VR and emotion to raise the awareness on climate change and Oceans. It aims to travel in Museums, starting in 2019 with the La Rochelle Maritime Museum.

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March, 2018
Back from Monaco Explorations third trip in Malpelo. We spent 10 days shooting in VR the Hammersharks and incredible underwater life of this legendary rock in the middle of Pacific Ocean.

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November, 2017
Click Research shoots in VR the incredible pilot whales of Tenerife, three amazing days with a cooperative family pod. This content will be showed on Canal + by Jerome Delafosse documentary on Energy Observer, with a focus on program.

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October, 2017
Click’R shoots the second VR experience of Air Austral the Reunion Airways Company. After the 787 Dreamliner, you will have now the opportunity to visit the 777.

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September 28, 2017
ARTE TV unveil the "Dolphin Man VR" with a focus on DAREWIN project. Enjoy a dive in virtual reality and join us on our laste expeditions in Dominica, Bahamas, Mauritius.
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September, 2017
Click Research just achieved the first Monaco Explorations trip on the Yersin. We visited Madeira and Cabo Verde, and have more than 20 hours of incredible VR content to exhibit in our future movies at the Monaco Museum.

Visit the exhibition at the Oceanographic Institute Prince Albert I and look at our work on the field.
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July 15, 2017
Click’R presents it’s first narrative storytelling VR 10’ movie at the Monaco Oceanographic museum
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June 20, 2017
Click’R participate the SUNNYSIDE documentary festival with three VR movies, you can also meet us at these events :
- CNC “Meeting with Fabrice Schnoller” the ethic issues of VR, how VR can manipulate our brain.
- Digital Culture, presentation of Monaco Explorations VR project with Click Research
- PIXII space with “Energy Observer”, “Little Big whale” and “Search”
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June 6, 2016
Click’R partners with Google Ocean and Monaco to present at the UNITED NATIONS the “New Monaco Explorations Expeditions”. The Click Research team and the Darewin project will travel during three years to create VR movies and study whales communication.
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February, 2017
Click’R Just achieved the VR photography of three short movies for ARTE360 and SEPPIA productions. These are related t the 30th birthday of the “Big Blue” movie and present three different characters whose share the heritage of Jacques Mayol :
- William TRUBRIDGE world record of freediving at the Blue Hole
- Sara CAMPBELL yoga master and former world record of freediving
- Fabrice SCHNOLLER ingeneer and biologist that study whales and dolphins communication
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September 27, 2016
Arte, Deep Inc and Click’R animated the first VR PRIMI conference at the Creative Entreprises Network in Marseille. A lot of good vibes, to fight the last sceptical professionals. We are at the dawn of the VR era, the limit is our imagination, and a new cinema is to invent ! Folow the debate on periscope thanks to #mathieuriviere :
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September 28&29, 2016
Click’R and Deep Inc collaborated to conduct the first PACA VR masterclass. We had the chance to meet inspiring directors and producers who see the future in VR. Human innerspace, story telling and VR workflow were the subjects, folowed by very creative workshops. PRIMI and PACA are now in the VR tornado !
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September 21, 2016
Darewin project in partnership with GWC was one of the 10 highlights projects for the planet selected at the by United Nations in New York. This solution summit followed the conclusion of the 2015 UN sustainable development summit at wich the SDG were adopted by all 193 UN Member states. 800 submissions were received from more than 100 countries in 2016. Follow Darewin on the UN TV :
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August 20, 2016
Darewin project was invited at TEDX KL, in Malaysia, This was a great experience to meet inspiring people&projects as the TEDXKL team. They run the biggest event in Asia with a great talent. Malaysia is a also a beautiful country to discover with wild ocean coastline and the Borneo jungle where you can encounter orang utan and sun bears. You can visit them at Sandakan with Wong Siew Te, the founder of the,
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April 21, 2016
In partnership with Annapurna, Within and the New York Time, Click’R presents Darewin project in the first VR Op Doc’s piece : The Click Effect. This journalistic story was created by James Nestor, directed by Sandy Smolan, and presented at Sundance and Tribeca. All footages are from the Darewin database and show how cetacean interact and vocalise with us. Download it on your phone and visualise it through a cardboard or a Samsung Gear VR for a perfect quality.