From Ocean to Virtual Reality


« Click Research promotes an immersive approach to oceanic exploration. Our team includes software engineers, marine biologists, and world-renowed freedivers and watermen, who work to design and build new technologies that will help us better explore and understand oceans.»


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Fabrice Schnöller / Founder

Markus Fix / Associate

Fred Buyle / Associate

French engineer and freelance biologist and acoustic researcher, Schnoller is also the founder of the DAREWIN program. He develops new research paradigms with 360° video and audio captation and VR/AR tools.

Programmer-at-Arms and software archeologist. Rough consensus and running code. Awaiting the machines of loving grace. AI, Lisp, Erlang, Scala, DevOps, Docker.

Professional photographer and world-renowned freediver, Buyle also commits much of his time working with marine scientists studying sharks, dolphins, and whales. Discover his work on Nektos.