From Ocean to Virtual Reality


« Click’R works on sound and image captation and analysis bioinspired tools that allows cameramen, ingeneers or scientists to explore new investigation fields. Our projects aims to one major goal, ocean life preservation through VR experiences. »


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With Click Research’s innovations, filmmakers and researchers can now capture holographic sound, three dimensional images, and Oculus Rift virtual reality footage of the ocean and its inhabitants.

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360° for VR

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Our team provides 360 degree, 4K conventional and underwater footages for experiences, documentaries and movies. Browse our sample channels on Youtube, Kolor and Vrideo.

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From off shore works sound’s mitigation to holographic’s captations for sport cams we have patented new solutions with our industrial partners. From engineering to prototyping Click’R creates cutting edges bio inspired solutions.
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Click Research partners the DareWin program, a cetacean communication R&D program. Discover it through our THINK documentary, the world’s first 360° virtual reality-based science and documentary expeditions that has now started. Explore the first expeditions and join us.

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